• Drawers

    The self-closing drawers with quality slides made of aluminium are available in 3 heights.

  • Flap

    The flap makes sense from around 1 m height when working standing up, since it meets ergonomic requirements.

  • Open compartment

    Shelf, display or open storage space, the open compartment for books and everything you want to display.

  • Shelf board

    Flexible and height-adjustable - the lacquered shelf board.

  • Brochure shelf

    The colourless anodised brochure shelf displays your means of communication in an elegant way, the storage space behind offers room for supplies.

  • Double doors

    The large storage space can easily be divided and modified thanks to the adjustable shelves. The doors make contents readily available and show everything at a glance. And should it not be perfectly tidy inside, at least it looks perfect from the outside.

  • Sliding flap

    The sliding flap is ideal for documents that are often used and need to be readily accessible from your desk. It keeps everything tidy while ready at hand during work. You no longer need to open disturbing swinging parts in the morning and close them before you leave.

  • Glass cover

    The unilaterally enamelled white glass with a satin finish on top looks stylish, it’s easy to keep clean, insensitive and typical of communication tops for reception counters. They can be used element by element or across several elements.

  • Pull-out shelf board

    NO TRANSLATION - Nouveau: le rayon à rallonge réglable en hauteur, avec ou sans protection anti-dérapage, convient particulièrement au clavier de l’ordinateur, aux outils médicaux ou au dépôt de petit matériel.

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